4 hours history and fun

Give yourself half a day to visit the most important monuments of Rome and their enchanting secrets. A light but complete tour in the eternal city. A few hours in a Golf Cart to enjoy the best of Rome. Forget the traffic and immerse yourself in the alleys of the historic center, between palaces and courtyards of the ‘500, to discover a different Rome. Combine the tour with the Colosseum & Sistine Chapel and lunch with Mamma Allegra.

Tour's highlight
  • Pick from your hotel
  • Rome Highlights By golf Cart
  • Exclusive Priavate Tour in Golf cart
  • Transfer back to your hotel

4 hours history and fun

Rome among the Romans! Exploring Rome as one of its inhabitants is simply the best way to do it. If this will be your first time here, the Golf Cart Tour of Rome is for you. On this unusual tour, aboard our Golf Cart, we will travel through narrow alleys touching the most visited and genuine parts of this breathtaking city, stopping at historic houses, characteristic squares, romantic places, fountains and courtyards of the 6th century away from the typical tourist routes, but still located in the heart of the city.

The main stops will be the well-known characteristic sightseeing of Rome. However, we will avoid the chaotic streets full of traffic, exhaust fumes and hubbub that fill the streets of our beautiful city.

During the tour we will visit the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, the Ancient Opera House and, to finish the tour, we will explore none other than the Colosseum. Since we will have already ordered the tickets in advance, we will avoid waiting in line and you will be able to truly enjoy the eternal symbol of Rome, in all its splendor.

During the tour, you’ll enjoy wandering around the quaint cobblestone interior streets. It will be a bit bumpy, but the sight of the ancient gates and romantic courtyards will make you feel like you’ve just entered another world. Some parts of the tour can only be reached on foot, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out and take as many photos as you’d like.

Walk around and take note of the amazing architectural details of the buildings and courtyards, take a sip to quench your thirst from the Mascherone Fountain that dates back to the early 15th century. You will have a long list of things to choose from during this unusual tour of Rome. There will also be little surprises that we want to share with you. It will be an unforgettable day spent visiting Rome on a Golf Cart.

Lunch at home? Why not? Do as the Romans do!

If you choose to just have a quick lunch we can stop for a piece of pizza that you will savor while strolling through the famous and incomparable Campo de Fiori, a lively market square by day that transforms during the night.

Another option is a unique and personalized experience of a delicious lunch at Mamma Allegra located in the center of the ghetto area. Here you will have the opportunity to eat just like a real Roman, in a private home, guests of the famous Italian friendliness.

Once the morning’s activities are over and lunchtime has arrived, you can enjoy a meal that will fascinate and tantalize all your senses and allow you to touch the “Roman skies” with just one finger!

Not in a restaurant or in an osteria, but in the heart of Rome, in a wonderful neighborhood in the Jewish ghetto! Let yourself be involved in a typical Roman lunch, living a unique culinary experience designed just for you!

Don’t miss our 10% discount! If at the end of our services you leave a small interview of less than 10 minutes to our staff you will be entitled to 10% of the tour price.

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Some Options to make your experience with us unforgettable. 

Here you can find the details of the tour you have chosen and combine a visit to the Colosseum or the Vatican always on the same day or an unforgettable lunch at Mamma Allegra’s place, have a beautiful experience of Italian cuisine and enjoy as Romans do !

Experience The lunch at Mamma Allegra house  located in the center of the ghetto area. Here you will have the opportunity to eat just like a real Roman, in a private home, guests of the famous Italian friendliness. Take a look our video

For lunch if you choose to take advantage of the Six-Hour Tour (The Very Best of Rome) without The Vatican Museum , Colosseum tour or Mamma allegra Lunch , you can take the time to sit in one of the Renaissance Squares perhaps even next to a 15th century fountain and sit down to a delicious plate of home-made pasta accompanied by a lovely glass of wine.

Or if your choice is to go and visit the Vatican museums Or Colosseum you can taste a slice of Roman pizza in the ancient market of Campo Dei Fiori, which is quite popular with the tourists but well-worth the experience!

Our proposal is divided into 3 options:

Just remember to add the Experience during the booking ….

  • The Very Best of Rome & Mamma Allegra Lunch 
  • Rome & The Vatican 
  • Rome & The Colosseum 

For the Rome & the Vatican Tour Or Rome & the Colosseum tour : during the first part of the day, we will visit the most impressive highlights of the city of Rome  and then at around 1:30-1:45 p.m. You will meet your authorized guide for your Visit at the Vatican Museum or The Colosseum .

Your tour in our Deluxe Golf cart will bring you to meet your personal Vatican Museum guide Or Colosseum Guide , with our Guide you will  skip the line (queue) Colosseum & Vatican Museum  and be guided amongst the rarities and treasures which can only be found this amazing complex for the next 2 hours for the Vatican Museum or 1 hour for the Colosseum tour .

Be prepared to be amazed and captivated when you visit  the most important icon in the Christian world  and its astounding square & the Pride of the Gladiator … The Colosseum ! 


4 Reasons why you should pick this tour

  1. If this is your first time in Rome and you’re looking for something original, well you’ve found it! In about 4 hours we will visit the best of Rome with its monuments, squares and fountains, we will travel the characteristic narrow streets, contemplate bourgeois buildings, ancient courtyards, and much more.
  2. At the end of the tour, you will surely have a better idea of where you want to spend more time or where you can return to get a delicious cappuccino or enjoy a glass of excellent Italian wine. We love this city and our passion is to show travelers the genuine side of Roman-ness.
  3. It’s fun! Fun is what we’re all about! With our Golf Cart, you will see Rome from a totally different perspective. Long story short, you’ll experience Rome the way Romans experience it every day. Plus, you won’t have to drive! Get completely lost as we take you through little alleyways, enjoy all its charm as we travel this mysterious maze through the center of this ancient city, away from the smog, scooters and buses, and then magically end up right in front of the Pantheon.
  4. We are part of DriverGuideServiceTour, a highly professional private company that has been in the tourism business for over 20 years. Creating various tours, researching what our clients want and how to best meet their needs are our priorities. Certified as a valid Tour Operator, our company complies with all the rules of the Italian Department of Tourism.


If you have any doubts, curiousity or request, please contact us! You do so clicking on the button on the right!

Tour Plan

  • Pick up From your Hotel
  • The beautiful and characteristic Jewish ghetto (only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)
  • Piazza Margana that dates back to the Medieval Roman Period- start of the 1300s ( only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour
  • Small maze-like alleys and streets in the historical city centre, bakers, shoemakers, antique doorways and so much more! ( only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)
  • The Palace of the Margani Family (only available with the Rome Golf Cart Tour)
  • Theatre of Marcellus (an antique Opera House)
  • Capitoline Hill and the beautiful panorama of The Roman Forum
  • The Pantheon
  • The Trevi Fountain
  • The Spanish Square 
  • Navona Square
  • The Colosseum Driver by & Stop 
  • Transfer Back to your hotel

What's included

  • Expert local English-speaking Driver Guide
  • Private tour to ensure a customized, intimate experience
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off

What's not included

  • Lunch and extras

Add your Vatican or Colosseum experience

Add your cut-the-line ticket

Price is €40 / per person

Payment type
Pay a 10% deposit per item

Our tours are accessible

If walking is a problem but you want to see Rome, this is the tour for you! Touring by golf cart is the very best way to tour Rome for a disabled person, who has a wheelchair, stroller or even just a senior citizen! We have special golf carts that accommodate three people and store a wheelchair! Everyone sits facing forward, no-one feels excluded. The golf cart makes the tour of Rome very special and easy for people with walking problems. These little electric cars are allowed to drive practically anywhere, especially if a disabled person is aboard. The golf carts are very easy to get in and out of even for people with limited mobility, they have no doors.

Please note that our largest golf cart takes 7 passengers but if there is a wheelchair this will reduce the space to 5 passengers (plus the wheelchair). Groups of 6 and over will need 2 or more golf carts.

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Give yourself half a day to visit the most important monuments of Rome and their enchanting secrets. A light but complete tour in the

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